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  • 8 Locations To

    Better Serve You

  • Locally Owned

    & Operated

  • 8 Locations To

    Better Serve You

  • Locally Owned

    & Operated

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  • Haskell

    811 S. Haskell Blvd.
    Haskell, OK 74436
    918-931-6215 (2nd line)

  • Coweta - Broken Arrow

    25103 East Hwy. 51
    Broken Arrow, OK 74014
    918-931-6214 (2nd line)

  • Muskogee

    3130 N. 32nd N. Hwy 69
    Muskogee, OK 74401
    918-682-7431 (2nd line)

  • Keys

    25207 Hwy. 82
    Park Hill, OK 74451
    918-207-5050 (2nd line)

  • Westville

    73882 Hwy 59
    Westville, OK 74965
    918-931-6260 (2nd line)

  • Sallisaw

    467115 US Hwy 64
    Gans, OK 74936

  • Okmulgee

    4401 North Wood Drive
    Okmulgee, OK 74447

  • Prairie Grove

    16070 West Hwy 62
    Prarie Grove, AR 72753

AutoGas Information

Alternative Fuel System

Alternative Fuel System

The alternative fuel system is a unique development in the alternative fuels field.

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Alternative Fuel Advantage

Alternative Fuel Advantage

The alternative fuel system offers emissions-certified systems which comply with stringent standards such as Euro-4 and EPA.

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Proven Fuel Savings

Proven Fuel Savings

With gasoline and diesel prices on the rise, today more than ever LPG comes shining through as an inexpensive alternative fuel.

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LaFerry's AutoGas

Propane is the most cost-effective alternative fuel option identified. Propane provides modest combustion benefits and significant upstream benefits of over 60%, compared to conventional gasoline vehicles. Overall, Propane provides climate change emission reductions of approximately 30% relative to gasoline vehicles.

California Air Resources Board

Propane-Fueled vehicles emit significantly lower levels of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulate matter that gasoline-fueled vehicles. Well-to-Wheels GHG performance for propane is about 22% better than gasoline and 4.5% better than diesel when used in internal combustion engines.

Environment Canada

The U.S. Department of Energy projects that propane will be the leading alternative fuel in the 21st century. Local government and private sector fleets will soon be required to purchase alternative-fueled cars and trucks in an effort to reduce harmful emissions from fossil fuels - the leading source of air pollution in the United States.

Tests conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency show that propane vehicles can produce 30% - 90% less carbon monoxide and about 50% fewer toxins and other smog-producing emissions than gasoline engines.

United States Department of Energy