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  • 8 Locations To

    Better Serve You

  • Locally Owned

    & Operated

Forklift Propane Cylinder Exchange

Retailer Propane Cylinder Exchange Program

Forklift Propane Cylinder (Bottle) Exchange Program

Did you type in proprane near me? You are in the right spot! If your business uses propane forklift cylinders, our cylinder exchange may be a good fit for you. Our forklift cylinder exchange program is a safe & convenient way to maintain full cylinders at your workplace without an interruption in your time.

Things to consider:

If you are taking your cylinders somewhere to have them refilled:

  • What is the actual cost including lost work time, fuel cost & vehicle expense?
  • Does my insurance cover me or my employees while transporting propane cylinders to be refilled?

If you are filling your own cylinders from an onsite tank, or having them refilled on site:

  • Have our employees been thoroughly trained in handling used propane tanks and equipment and know all the risks?
  • Does our insurance cover the handling of propane?
  • Are there any risks with transferring propane on site?

If you’re not sure, consider this:

  • The cost may be less than you are paying now.
  • No transfer of propane takes place at your business, which could lower your insurance costs and is safer for everyone at your worksite.
  • In most cases LaFerry’s Propane will provide the extra cylinders needed for the exchange program.
  • LaFerry’s Propane will make regular stops at your workplace to ensure that you don’t run out, thereby saving you time and money.

We are offering Tulsa propane refills as well as all Northeast Oklahoma propane needs.

For more information on our forklift cylinder exchange program please call our Muskogee office at 918-682-7431.


811 S. Haskell Blvd.
Haskell, OK 74436
Phone: 918-482-5618
2nd Line: 918-931-6215

25103 East Hwy. 51
Broken Arrow, OK 74014
Phone: 918-486-4042
2nd Line: 918-931-6214

3130 N. 32nd N. Hwy 69
Muskogee, OK 74401
Phone: 918-682-5115
2nd Line: 918-682-7431

25207 Hwy. 82
Park Hill, OK 74451
Phone: 918-457-3500
2nd Line: 918-207-5050

73882 Hwy 59
Westville, OK 74965
Phone: 918-778-3393
2nd Line: 918-931-6260

467115 US Hwy 64
Gans, OK 74936
Phone: 918-775-0533

4401 North Wood Drive
Okmulgee, OK 74447
Phone: 918-756-8800

16070 West Hwy 62
Prarie Grove, AR 72753
Phone: 479-502-3400